There’s more that technology can show us.

It has more to offer than efficiency and acceleration.

And we, humans, are the ones that can take it further.

Our instinct and emotion. Our love and creativity.

Code what makes us uniquely human, to make humanity technology’s next frontier.



What do meditation and squishies have in common? They both encourage people to take control of what they’re focusing on. They are also both drawing attention as a self-management method for modern-day people who tend to be at the mercy of social media, multi-tasking and other distractions in their environment. Marshmallog is a “connected squishy” that invites users to interact through touch. Using gyro sensors and flexible pressure sensors, the squishy measures  how and when users touched it and helps them improve their attention span in an entertaining way by providing biofeedback through sound and visuals. Marshmallog is always there for you to accept your feelings and record the moment.

Dentsu / Touchence / neurowear /
A-KAK / Rooftop / TRY2 / Mitsui Chemicals



Smart Apparel has given rise to an era in which we can digitize people’s movements in any location. We were inspired to design a platform that creates value out of motion data and its potential. By storing a huge amount of motion data daily, we hope to innovate a diverse range of industries such as by using it to predict risk of illness, and help pass on traditions and cultures. Our goal is to make motion data an invaluable resource for mankind.

PYRAMID FILM / GORAKU / Xenoma / Data Artist

Hungry Frame


Leftovers from our everyday meals still have the potential to produce more food.
Black soldier fly larvae bring out this potential. They decompose leftovers at high speed and produce nutrients for the next meal. With this, humans and black soldier fly larvae can co-exist harmoniously in everyday life.
Hungry Frame is a product that reimagines how we deal with leftovers.

Dentsu / Grubin / amana



Each day begins with the weather forecast. Most of us are curious about the weather, but how many of us know that the daily weather is a manifestation of a larger environmental issue? As technology advances, weather forecasts are turning into mere pieces of information, a small part of our daily lives, but it robs us of our innate fascination with nature itself. SKYPEDIA generates illustrations of creatures from the shapes of clouds. It draws from a vast collection of data related to the sky and clouds to update you on a variety of weather conditions. We're using technology to reclaim what technology took- our fascination with nature. SKYPEDIA allows you to stay in touch with nature. All you need to do is look up.

Dentsu Creative X